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Care Instructions

Do not immerse jewellery in water: Always keep jewellery away from water by removing jewellery before showering/bathing, at spa or swimming.

Avoid Jewellery in direct contact with chemicals: Be sure your perfume, body lotion and hairspray are completely absorbed into the skin before putting on your jewellery. 

Clean your jewellery after use: Wipe your jewellery clean of sweat and oil with a soft lint cloth occasionally or after every wear. 

Avoid Extreme temperatures: because it can affect the lustre of your jewellery, therefore, keep your jewellery away from heat or cold, direct sunlight and humidity.

Removal: Take off all jewellery before going to bed.

Jewellery Storage: Always store each piece separately to avoid scratching and tangling by storing your jewellery in it provided box (if any) or airtight bags.

Exercise: it’s best to remove jewellery before performing any physical work such as
housekeeping or gardening or sports activities e.g. workouts...

***By following these care tip, your jewellery will be well maintained and last long.

Remember:- always store jewellery in a dry place when not wearing and keep out of reach of children.